Beginning of a new journey.

Sitting in a skiing cottage about 500 km northwest of Stockholm, the city I moved to last summer, waiting for Christmas to ring in today. I was going to start this blog at the beginning of January, but it just felt right to do it today. So let´s get down to business!

My name is Dóri Tul. born and raised in Iceland, moved to Stockholm last summer with my Stockholmer girlfriend, to spread our knowledge within the business of health by taking over a Crossfit box to manage, so you will find us at Crossfit Södermalm if you want to drop by and say hello. I´m a new blogger on this page and I´m super excited about being a part of this amazing team, could not be more thankful to those who let me be a part of Sport och hälsa, thank you!

Who am I and what do I do?

I am 36 years old and I was in sports through my whole childhood and teenage years, if it had something to do with a ball, I was there. When I was at the age of 16, I really started to lift weights and I went to the gym around 5-6 times a week. The gym was my temple. I never felt better than when I was there or after being there, it was my medicine.

Later on, after few years of training and progress, I decided to sign up for a personal trainer course and earn my certificate that led to me becoming a full-time personal trainer, and that I have been doing ever since.

In my career as a trainer and coach, I have taken many courses and seminars to get more and deeper knowledge within the health business. For example:

3 Personal trainer licenses

Fitness instructor

Crossfit Level 1

Kettlebells Level 1

Degree in Dairy science

And many more…..

With years of experience I´ve had clients with different backgrounds, people who want help reaching their goals in the gym or just want a healthier lifestyle, competitors in different sports and professional athletes.

Today I´m a…

  • Country manager in Iceland for the personal trainer school Intensive PT.
  • Head coach at Crossfit Södermalm.
  • Head coach at PT365.
  • Owner of

What is my blog about?

Even though I always support that people should do things in a healthy and smart way, I have sometimes been known for delivering programs that can be really difficult or even a little bit hardcore. I am used to pushing myself to my limits and usually over them, and that is something I do for my clients as well. Therefore I want to write about health-related things, but maybe on another level then people are used to.

I will be writing 2-3 posts per week, about workouts, nutrition, mental health and exercising and last but not least showing you how I am going to push myself through challenges I have never done before and how I do it.

Follow my journey on instagram: dori.tul

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